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Coaching is a confidential process where you have time to explore your thoughts and feelings, you will not be judged, you will be heard and you can make fundamental and far reaching changes in your life.

Personal/Life Coaching
Have you reached a crossroads where you know changes need to be made but don't know what or how? If so, personal/life coaching could be the most powerful and effective solution for you.
A +1 Coach can help you:

- face and respond to major changes in life with certainty and clarity
- build your calm and confidence
- be the best you can be at work and at home

Focused conversations help you discover more about yourself and what's important to you, identify the actions you need to take, and complete the steps required for you to achieve your goals.

Career Coaching
Are you in the wrong job, or considering where you're heading in life, yet don't have the confidence to take the next step? Are you facing redundancy and want a change of direction yet don't know what or how? Career Coaching is about working with you to understand yourself better so that you can find a career or direction you want. It gives you the opportunity to step back, invest in yourself and your future, and build confidence in yourself and clarity in your future direction. A +1 Coach can help you:

- take a step back and raise self awareness
- identify your interests, skills and values
- discover what's important so you can make informed decisions
- build your confidence so you make your chosen path a reality

We focus specifically on areas where you feel ‘stuck’, unsure how to proceed to the next level or move on.

Executive/Leadership Coaching
Executive coaching is well-suited for developing leadership skills that go beyond functional and technical know-how. It is a powerful tool for building critical high-level capabilities and advancing careers. Executive coaching takes a person on a journey of self-discovery and helps them break through their personal glass ceilings. If you feel there is a 'gap' in the skills you need to lead or a 'refresh' is in order then one of the advantages of executive coaching is that it can be focused to address particular areas of need, such as:

- Developing communication skills
- Growing professional presence
- Advancing strategic thinking skills
- Evolving leadership style
- Enhancing an individual strength

Don’t get bypassed at work, identify and enhance those skills you need to lead.

Working With You
Coaching sessions can be delivered in a number of ways dependent on your needs ( (frequency of sessions, location, time constraints), and will be agreed when arranging your first appointment.

  • Face to Face
  • Over the phone
  • Online via Skype

    Following an initial discussion you decide whether coaching is for you. Call +1 today and take that first step toward making a positive change.

    Supported by EMCC/ILM accredited coaches.

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